Saturday, 13 July 2013

Quatre Bras progress report-The British forces so far

So here's my next post to catch up on what's been going on in the hobby zone for me. I've always wanted to fight the battle of Waterloo like many wargamers do, but my collection (shown above) is no where near adequate for that so for now I've chosen to fight another battle from the same campaign; Quatre Bras.
I have (finally) prepared a relatively decent army list for both sides which I think should do the job.
Prince of Orange-4 line infantry, 1 Brunswick infantry, 1 hussars, 1 light dragoons, 1 Jaegers (skirmish line)
Picton (turn 5 onwards)-4 highlander infantry, 1 foot artillery battery
Wellington (turn 12 onwards)-2 line infantry, 3 Hanoverian infantry, 1 heavy dragoons, 1 foot artillery battery
Jerome-6 line infantry, 1 foot battery
Pire-2 lancers, 2 Chasseurs (mounted), 1 horse battery
Foy-6 line infantry, 1 foot battery, 1 Chasseurs (skirmish line)
Bachely-6 line infantry, 1 foot battery
Cavalry reserve-2 Cuirassiers, 1 dragoons, 1 lancers
So I am building these two armies in preparation for the battle. The greater part of the forces will I'm afraid be made up of paper miniatures. But I think they look all right. Any way this is going to be the first of my progress reports, this one is on the British forces so far.
The Prince of Orange's contingent-So the hussars are on the top left with the four line units at the top right and centre. At the bottom runs the incomplete skirmish line. I still have to complete the skirmish line and add the Brunswicks, the light dragoons and of course the Prince himself.
Picton's forces which make up the original vanguard of reinforcements. Unfortunately as can be seen I have only completed two of the highlander units and am of course still missing Picton and the artillery battery.
And last but by no means least, Wellingtons contingent. The heavy dragoons on the left, the incomplete artillery battery on the right and the two line units in the centre. So I still need to finish the artillery battery and add in the three units of Hanoverians (basically British line, but whatever).
And a shot of the entire army so far. So hopefully this force will be much bigger if not complete by my next British report. Hoped you liked this preview of the gathering clouds. Next up the French!
The Sarge at Arms

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Project Tombworld: Part 1

I know I haven't posted in a very long time so for that I am sorry and to make matters worse so much has happened. My first thought was to do one HUGE catch up post but I realised that would not only be boring to read but would also mean I would suddenly start drifting again with nothing to post about, so (hopefully) this will be the first of a series of smaller posts which will cover what has been happening during my period of silence.
First up here is a project I started and hope to pursue when my interests are revived again. I am fairly confident I can promise an eventual return to this but not an immediate one. Anyway, the actual project is as the post name suggests a terrain project for a Necron Tomb world (or at least part of one). The first piece has been completed; it is a Necron portal obelisk.

Tada! I remember when I was making this Dad
 wondered if it was a TARDIS!
Portal obelisks triple as a monument, a piece of very hard cover and a source of access to the battlefield for reserves. The structure is deployed with the front face (above) facing the enemy to soak up hostile fire. Meanwhile on the opposite side (bellow) Necron warriors march into play from the portal with the obelisk providing cover for them from the enemy. Genius!

The green portal was my first experiment with
a sort of filler that Dad lent me. It came out a bit different
to how I was expecting but, I still think it looks pretty good.
Nothing very amazing, just a side view.
And now on with the show! I have also completed two of my three Tomblades (at last), still sadly leaving one to go if I can push myself to it. And here they are below.

'Rise my minions. Rise! MWHAHAHA!'
And there you have it! And below a very slight preview as to what comes next in the project.......

Try and guess what it is going to be.

The local Cryptekh broods over the possibilities...
By for now. The next mini post should if all goes well be next week. Cheerio!
The Sarge At Arms!

Friday, 10 May 2013

You can go BANG! but I can go ZAP!

Hello everyone, no I did not give up on posting or vanish from the face of the earth. Simply put, I got a little side tracked, then school started again. AAARRRRGGGGHHH! But still the holidays were productive(ish); an actual game of 40K-hooray!-a bit of painting of Germans, some innovative and very rapid army building, a small addition to my armoury and plans for a potentially very interesting campaign.
So, I suppose this could be called a bit of an after-holidays post.
First up we have an-unfortunately short, but hopefully well narrated-40K clash between my Necron legions and my friend Zac's motley crew of orks. And so we begin!

The battle field with orks deployed.
In the grim darkness of the far future (blah blah blah) for over a hundred decades the Emperor has sat on (something something something) the ancient legions rise from the sands of distant and desolate worlds (rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb) and so the two armies now clash over a soon to be desolate landscape.
So no more unnecessary long intro, into the good bits. The idea behind the battle was that a Necron overlord and his (rather formidable) retinue have been cut off from the rest of the force and the ork hordes seeing their chance to disrupt the implacable Necron advance are attempting to cut of and destroy the Necron overlord.

The air was thick with the sound of distant bullet and gauss fire, the actual conflict was far away, for now at least. Then an unusual aroma of rotting meat, sweat and cow dung accompanied by many loud shouts of WAAGH! heralded the ork approach as Warlord Bigstomppa lead his boyz onto the battlefield.

The ork HQ; the Warboss, a Mekboy, a armoured nob
and squad of burna boyz
The main bulk of the ork force, the squad of slugga boyz
The gretchin gun fodder
The lone biker
And the storm boyz
 And amongst the ruins of the city whose name was now blasted deep beneath its own shattered buildings, the Necrons came gliding and marching silently through the streets.

The overlord and his followers deploy

Quickly the Necrons began their advance moving up through the streets, the Triarch Praetorians moved off to the left floating over the ground with the use of their anti-gravity units. The orks gave a great cry and began to move forward the boyz taking cover behind bushes and opening fire on their advancing enemies. In response the Triarch Praetorians raised their rods of covenant and blasted down several of the foe despite the interposing cover.

The next act came to the Necron warriors who let loose a barrage of shots at the gretchins who cowered some distance away. But the range combined with the obscurity of the target caused most of the shots to go wide.
The frustrated gretchins mostly scrambled for cover, while a single small green squat figure raised his over sized weapon and fired.....
The annihilation barge glided forwards to give the Praetorians the aide of its twin linked tesla destructor, which it unleashed on the ork boyz. Meanwhile the overlord accompanied by a cryptekh for protection moved up the central street. Over on the flank the gretchins gathered their meagre nerve (more likely it was the hulking form of the advancing Warboss) and scuttled forward to hide behind one of the ruined buildings.
I can't see them so they can't see me. Right?

Then suddenly the ork boyz let loose a torrent of lead upon the praetorians felling one of them, who promptly climbed back to his feet as his self-repair systems whirred to life.
Its only a necrodermis wound.
Then all order seemed to be thrown to the winds, as the orks charged into hand to hand combat. They hacked and slashed away dealing a great deal of damage, but the praetorians stood firm and with the help of precise targeting by the annihilation barge, threw the orks from the combat and set them into brief retreat.
Three to two, hardly seems fair.
The melee only worsened however as the gretchins leaped up and dealt a surprise attack (of sorts) too the Necron warriors. Then rockets and orks roared and the storm boyz charged flying over the ground to clash with the barge, while the HQ and biker moved in rapidly to close off the street and another small horde of orks loomed up behind the Necrons cutting off their retreat.
"101, beware, they can bite your ankles!"

So, you think you have some big guns huh?

"Let's stomp 'em boyz!"

The cryptekh was destroyed completely in the chaos and the hand-to-hand saw orks and Necrons felled alike as the boyz who had just recently been routed turned and charged back in again. The Necron overlord managed to slip over to cover of the barge which fended off the storm boyz with precise shots.

And then........ we had to pack up. :(
It was an interesting game, but unfortunately Zac and I due to lack of gaming time don't know the rules as well as we would like and so the pace was a bit slow. In the end we counted up how many points worth of units we still had in play and then rolled two D6 which we added to the total to see who won. I did, but only just, since I actually was points wise out-numbered. :)

Now the second part of my after holidays post.
I have long been interested in planetary empires, ever since I discovered it in an old White Dwarf magazine. But since I can't afford it I have an alternative, LEGO bricks!
My two planets, markers and special markers
I've built two planets and have named one Andromeda, the other world is still nameless (I would like some help here please), I have also made some special markers to be placed here and there on empty tiles.
The larger jungle world of Andromeda
The nameless desert world
Left too right, Manafactorium, Command bastion, Power station and shield generator.
The game markers

 And here are what above markers are representing.
The Isisarin dynasty (Tomblades still to be added)

Overlord Sheran mounted in his command barge.

The immortals

The Necron Phalanx

The Triarch Praetorians

Bow before me
Prepare to be incinerated
The newly painted rear with decals.
Beware the scarab swarm!
Lord Duraz
Deep Sear Thok
The annihilation barge

Tesla destructor
My high score's 10100

Hah! 20000

 And their cheaper opponents.
Not an army to sneeze at!


1st tactical squad

2nd tactical squad

The terminators

The dreadnought

1st Assault marines

 These fellows I regret, cannot be made available to anyone else due to copyright. :(
And  to wrap up the holidays I got to go shopping! (technically I wrapped up the holidays by seeing Iron Man 3 which I do recommend). Here are my trophies:
An addition to my German armoury, an Airfix stug

And the kits contents
Also the now out-dated Tau codex which I bought mainly because of how cheap it was

The inside

Meet Commanders Shadowsun..

And Farsight

Hobby section


 Well that's all from me for now I suppose, man this took a long time. Anyway next time I will put up the next part of my Sherlock Holmes story and after that (hopefully) I will have that Stug to show you.
By for now, all comments greatly appreciated.
Sarge at Arms!