Wednesday, 12 December 2018

A lot more French Infantry

Well, for me it's a lot more. Two more battalions of French line and a second battalion of light infantry. With these guys done I have six battalions of French Infantry total, along with a loose unit of Italians. I'd say that's a pretty big improvement on the one battalion I started with, though its not quite the divisional level that I'm aiming for yet. As these were the last of the Italeri and HaT figures I had, I'll be needing to get some more in! But I've decided to restrain myself until the new year arrives. Besides, I have plenty more work to do. More on that in a bit, for now, here are a few pictures:

The officer is from the Waterloo 1815 'Napoleonic Mounted Line Officers' set. 

I went for a brighter blue on the Line Infantry this time, and I think they came out a lot more vibrant because of it. The army is finally starting to have a bit of weight to it when its all set up together, but we're not quite there yet. The next thing is another regiment of Cuirassiers to match the first, and then I'll have to set to rebasing and repainting a bunch of my older stuff, mostly British infantry.


Friday, 7 December 2018

More British Light Dragoons

Yet another regiment of cavalry completed: a second unit of Light Dragoons by Italeri, to match up with the first one I painted several months back. I chose to paint these guys with the same facing colours as the first unit, so that in future I could potentially increase the size of my cavalry units by combining two regiments into one. For the time being the two will just form up into a light cavalry brigade.

And here we have the full brigade, ready to go ride down some frogs! 

I've had rather a dearth of infantry recently, with what I think is four units of cavalry in a row. However, the next post should be concerned with a great multitude of French foot-sloggers, so stay tuned for that (or don't, as you please).


Monday, 3 December 2018

British Heavy Dragoons

I have just recently encountered a problem I never thought I would have: I am painting new units faster than I post about them! Still, having a backlog of posts to make is hardly a terrible weight to bear. For today, I have another unit of heavy cavalry, this time from the British. These figures are by Waterloo 1815, and are in my opinion the best depiction of this unit out there (at least in 1/72nd plastic). My British have been rather short on cavalry for a while now, but with this and the regiment of light dragoons I painted earlier this year that is starting to change.

There should be another post within the week, most likely more cavalry. I'm starting to get to the end of my current stock of unpainted Napoleonics, though once I do I'll still need to go back and repaint some old figures that are very much not up to snuff. I will tentatively say to expect a good deal more stuff through the month of December.


Sunday, 25 November 2018

French Cuirassiers

Yet more Napoleonics march off the painting table; this time a regiment of French Cuirassiers. Funny story about these guys though: I started painting them out of procrastination, as I didn't want to finish prepping a bunch of other models (hopefully more on those at a later date) and I also didn't want to keep working on my Knights of Minas Tirith, as I was tired of painting horses. In my great wisdom I decided it would be easier to, uh, paint some other horses?
When all's said and done I'm pretty happy with how things turned out. Napoleon's Cuirassiers are among my favourite units of any period, so I'm very happy to have some painted. To cap it off they are Zvezda, and so are sculpted to a delightful standard.

I've based and painted this figure as an officer, since I felt his pose was appropriate and I couldn't fit him into any of the three regiments I'll be making up from the box. I find officers can be tricky to acquire in sufficient numbers, so an extra one is very welcome.

There's more French Line being finished at the time of this post, with a regiment of Waterloo 1815's British Heavy Dragoons lined up after that. Of course, knowing me there's a good chance I'll be side-tracked before I get to them, but with the semester over I shall I have a lot more free time on hand. We shall see, but I am quite pleased with how my Napoleonic Project is progressing-specifically, that it is progressing at all.


Friday, 6 July 2018

British Light Dragoons

Man, looks like I'm on a bit of a hot streak! Four units painted all in a row, and with blog posts as well? What madness is this?! All kidding aside, I am pretty pleased with how far I've gotten with my latest stint at Napoleonics, even if this last unit was delayed considerably. I think they turned out fairly well, though I didn't pick a specific regiment for them to stand for, as there were several with these colour facings-if I remember aright.
The figures are Italeri's 'British Light Calvary 1815'.

I'll probably be taking a bit of a break from Napoleonics to work on some of my LotR stuff, as that ocean of bare plastic and metal could use thinning out a bit. I've currently got Faramir and variety of different men of Gondor on the painting desk, so hopefully we'll see a post about them sometime in the (relatively) near future.


Saturday, 28 April 2018

Legere and Artillery

My Napoleonic project continues with another battalion of French infantry, this time painted as Light Infantry, or Legere. The models are once again Italeri and Hat, as by the later campaigns the uniforms of the Light and Line infantry differed mostly in colour only.

I've also finished a battery of French Artillery (with what I'd guess are 6pdrs). The figures are HaT's French Horse Artillery set, but I'll probably use them as either horse or foot artillery. I would have loved one of Zvezda's French Artillery sets, but them seem to have become rather rare now, as Zvezda prefers to sell their newer "mini sets" that simply aren't very cost effective.

That's all for the time being. Next planned is a regiment of British Light Dragoons, though I've yet to decide which. I'll have to see what colour scheme most catches my eye. I'm also still unsold on a rules system, though I am leaning towards Over the Hills. If anyone reading this has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.


Friday, 20 April 2018

French Ligne Battalion

I have been keenly aware for some years now that my Napoleonic collection is a touch, disordered. My French field six regiments of cavalry (including both of the Carabinier regiments and the Imperial Guard mounted Chasseurs) but only two of infantry (half of one of these is Italian) and a single gun belonging to the Imperial Guard Horse Artillery. The British are in better shape, but they do have as many cannons as they have battalions of infantry. How did I end up with such a, mixed, collection you ask? That would be because I didn't actually buy any of the above figures; they were gifted to me by my generous father many years ago.
Alas, now that I'm supposedly an adult I apparently have to buy my own minis. Swallowing my reluctance I hoped on the internet and bought myself a number of lovely plastic kits from Italeri, HaT and Zvezda, to start the process of making my armies more sane. Here I present the first fruits of my endeavour, a French line battalion:

Grenadier Company

Voltigeur Company

The figures are a mixture of Italeri's French Infantry 6066, and HaT's Young Guard 8034. The Young Guard are painted as if they are regular line infantry wearing greatcoats. Each base represents a company, which puts the battalion at around 1 figure per 30 men. I've got the figures to paint up four more, so I should be well on the way to having a more balanced force once they're done. Let's hope I remember to take pictures...