Sunday, 25 November 2018

French Cuirassiers

Yet more Napoleonics march off the painting table; this time a regiment of French Cuirassiers. Funny story about these guys though: I started painting them out of procrastination, as I didn't want to finish prepping a bunch of other models (hopefully more on those at a later date) and I also didn't want to keep working on my Knights of Minas Tirith, as I was tired of painting horses. In my great wisdom I decided it would be easier to, uh, paint some other horses?
When all's said and done I'm pretty happy with how things turned out. Napoleon's Cuirassiers are among my favourite units of any period, so I'm very happy to have some painted. To cap it off they are Zvezda, and so are sculpted to a delightful standard.

I've based and painted this figure as an officer, since I felt his pose was appropriate and I couldn't fit him into any of the three regiments I'll be making up from the box. I find officers can be tricky to acquire in sufficient numbers, so an extra one is very welcome.

There's more French Line being finished at the time of this post, with a regiment of Waterloo 1815's British Heavy Dragoons lined up after that. Of course, knowing me there's a good chance I'll be side-tracked before I get to them, but with the semester over I shall I have a lot more free time on hand. We shall see, but I am quite pleased with how my Napoleonic Project is progressing-specifically, that it is progressing at all.