Saturday, 7 February 2015

1/72nd Middle Earth: Second Rohan Formation

Hello all. There's a bit of irritating background behind this post: I actually finished painting the four bases and even had put the sand on, but then school started again and I kept finding myself desperately trying to get back to them. I even ended up going into my room at one point, picking up a brush only to remember that I had to activate my school email. After that I got side-tracked. Anyone who's read most of my posts might be able to tell that that happens all to easily. But despite everything I managed to get the basing done at about 10:30 PM on Friday.

Also, I had a brief inspiration as to how I might separate Rohan up into its own sub-armies. I have thus far used Late Empire era Romans for the more elite troops, whilst in this formation there are a bunch of Saxons thrown in too. I plan to keep using this for the forces of both Edoras and the West-Fold, but I want to introduce some Vikings for the East-Fold forces. The Helmlingas (the permanent defenders of the Hornburg in Helm's Deep) will be a heavy duty, fully mailed force of warriors without cavalry, unlike all other regions of Rohan, which should have a reasonable portion of their forces devoted to it. These groups will also be distinguished by their heraldry, the men Edoras in green, the men of West-Fold in red (to match Erkenbrand), the men of East-Fold in blue and the Helmlingas in gray/black.

Anyway, here are the pictures of my latest addition. Cavalry to follow soon I hope.

The formation in column (double line at start of post).
The formation in wide line.
The formation in staggered.
The command base. Note the dark red heraldry of the West-Fold.

 I have by now figured out clearly what this first army will be composed of when it is finished. There is a command base with miniatures kindly painted by my father including an independent King Théoden hero. Then there is the single unit of what I'm designating medium infantry as well as the new four base archer formation. I am now currently working on a six base formation of riders, which will I hope be accompanied by a second such formation at some point, with one from Edoras, and the other from the West-Fold. Then two eight base formations of light infantry to follow that. After that I'll have to start on an evil army to pit against them.

I'm really looking forward to actually being able to play a game with these models, but for now I'll just have to be content with GW's SBG models in stead.

Talking of GW, during a trip to Launceston, I figured the release of the new codex provided a suitable excuse to buy some new miniatures for my necron army. Ignoring the fact that I do not intend to buy the new codex and may never actually buy it, since by the time I can afford too, we'll probably have the 8th edition of it and I'll have to buy that one. :P

I'm actually attempting a bit of a conversion with the one on the left.
 And finally, whilst I finished these guys about a month ago, I figure I might as well post them up now. The Saruman is a totally new model, while that Aragorn I'd had for a while but not painted him up yet, and Gandalf is a repaint after a rather embarrassing paint spillage.

I was spurred on to finish these guys for a narrative campaign I'm plotting to do with my friends, hopefully starting off in the inter-term holidays. It will also give me an excuse to finish off those holes I still have in my collection as GW shuts down their LotR line. Though I think I may have to skimp on the Balrog and buy it from Mithril.
Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post.