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Long time no see.....

Hello to everyone and anyone, so I have not put up anything for months, but suddenly I thought, why not? Anyway, very little was added to the Quatre-Bras forces from the last post I made, and I still hope to put up the French at some point, in case anyone is still curious to see the other side of my Napoleonic forces. This post however, is not about wargaming but about made-up languages.
I have long had the desire to follow in the footsteps of the famous J.R.R Tolkien and create my own detailed fantasy world, a project I have been pursuing for the past 3 and a half years (or more). This world I have dubbed Entachan, and I have already written many attempts at stories set in this land, as well as vast amounts of its history. But telling its history would be rather stupid as it is very long, and tends to change regularly depending on what I think is best as it gets continuously refined and redone. So its history will not be put down here, save a few notes. This post is about the languages of the races of Entachan, and one language in particular: Telari.

Telari is the core elven tongue around which three others are based, each one spoken by a separate kindred of the elves. Telari is the first language that I have actually made, that is practical, and has a proper grammar system to back it up. That is what separates it by far from the other attempts I have made over the years, which are no more than a bunch of random words that sound good, chucked together and given a funny name. Telari does still have a few weaknesses, the main one being I’m not a linguist; as I’m only 15, so I don’t really know how a language should be properly set out, but this is the best I can do at the moment.

Telari is quite old, dating back to around 6500 BC when the elves first appeared on the various continents. Why and how they appeared I don’t really want to explain right now, so just take it, that they were placed on Earth by a very powerful being. Telari was created almost immediately by the elves as a means of communication, but was a rather primitive form of tongue which would be refined over the centuries. The form of Telari presented here, is what the elves regarded as their common language from about 4000 BC all the way to the present day.

I’ve only created a small number of words and few grammar rules, but I hope to add to Telari over time, as I expand and (one day) complete it.

Current Telari-English Translations

Light-Tune         Stone-Nepa               Bread-Manë                 Day-Lena                             Plane-Menel

Dark-Kar            Tree-Melia                 Drink-Comun                Night-Kata                          Male-Elëp

Death-Yas         Fire-Cera                     Walk-Leprë                   Folk/people-Teram           Female-Shalëp

Life-Prela          Ice-Kest                       Run-Lasta                       Silver-Shës                         Bush/shrub-Nelit

Hot-Eao            Love-Melena/Epto     Move-Epe                     Folk/people-Teram          Thorn/sharp-Celit

Cold-Frest        Hate-Neran                  Stop/still-Frena            Silver-Shës                        Language-Tesel

Water-Ques    Tall-Berat                      Good-Omdë                  Gold-Eane                       Hello- Avari Deltori

Earth-Messa   Short-Nust                     Bad-Lucë                       Woodland-Telai     Goodbye- Marvi Deltori

Livestock (male) – Nadar                 Livestock (female) – Nadara                      Can you-Gremen

Can I-Fremen                                     Drink (as in to drink)-Cel                             Eat-Brak


In addition to these words, I have also created several rules of grammar which dictate how the language functions.


Grammar Rules

To express owner ship of a noun, add ‘a’ to the end of the noun which is owned by the preceding noun or pronoun. If the word already ends in a, then it becomes ea.

Nuster meliea (the dwarf’s tree)

Rambra manëa (the man’s bread)

To express something against someone e.g. love, hate, appreciate add n to the start of the word. If the word starts with an n already, then add an i.


Nepto (I love you)
Ineran (I hate you)

Using a similar method you can express what you think of someone by making the n en. If as before the word starts with an n, make the addition ei.


Enberat (I think you are tall)

Einadar (I think you are livestock)
Don't say that to people.

 Finally I have also created one of the several alphabets used with Telari; the Ges. The Ges was created during a time period when the elves had united under one banner and had formed a very powerful empire. The Ges was made so that the elves would have a single united alphabet, since at the time they used many alphabets, not all of which were commonly known. I’d like to ask now that my poor hand-writing be excused as I had to draw these letters by hand.

What it actually says, from left to right. Vowels, Combinations, Grammatical Note: sentences must also start with [three symbols], The Ges as used by the elves of Entachan from late BC to mid AD, consonants.

Well that’s about it as far as Telari goes at the moment. I hope you have all enjoyed reading what I have made thus far, and if anyone wants to see more in the future, please comment and say so.

Finally as this is a wargaming blog, here are a few of the things that I have done since my last post:

A recently purchased Doomsday Ark for my necron army, the cannon is below.
Some very cool space marine alternative models I found. I got two boxes of five for about $16 Australian dollars. While they are fairly simple models, I still think that they are very cool, and I plan to make use of them as space marine stand-ins, rather than pay the $70-$80 price tag on a regular tactical squad.

A second base of 1/72nd Rohan infantry (see my first post). I am gradually chugging along with my 1/72nd middle-earth project; as frequent readers may have noticed, my ability to stay focused on a single project is easily overwhelmed by my eagerness to start a new one. But I always return to each project at some point, it just happens over a very long time.

I have also started to work on a few heroes, who are all from the Caesar miniatures adventurers box set. From left to right they are: Gandalf the Grey, Aragorn, Eomer, Eowyn (she may be a little difficult to pick out).
My complete 1/72nd Middle-earth force, the rangers painted by my dad, the command base, Théoden, and two bases of Rohan infantry. I plan to have four bases of Rohan infantry, two bases of archers, and three bases of riders.
I don't think I had these two big fellas before-hand.
That’s all from me for now, Marvi Deltori! (Look it up)

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