Thursday, 4 July 2013

Project Tombworld: Part 1

I know I haven't posted in a very long time so for that I am sorry and to make matters worse so much has happened. My first thought was to do one HUGE catch up post but I realised that would not only be boring to read but would also mean I would suddenly start drifting again with nothing to post about, so (hopefully) this will be the first of a series of smaller posts which will cover what has been happening during my period of silence.
First up here is a project I started and hope to pursue when my interests are revived again. I am fairly confident I can promise an eventual return to this but not an immediate one. Anyway, the actual project is as the post name suggests a terrain project for a Necron Tomb world (or at least part of one). The first piece has been completed; it is a Necron portal obelisk.

Tada! I remember when I was making this Dad
 wondered if it was a TARDIS!
Portal obelisks triple as a monument, a piece of very hard cover and a source of access to the battlefield for reserves. The structure is deployed with the front face (above) facing the enemy to soak up hostile fire. Meanwhile on the opposite side (bellow) Necron warriors march into play from the portal with the obelisk providing cover for them from the enemy. Genius!

The green portal was my first experiment with
a sort of filler that Dad lent me. It came out a bit different
to how I was expecting but, I still think it looks pretty good.
Nothing very amazing, just a side view.
And now on with the show! I have also completed two of my three Tomblades (at last), still sadly leaving one to go if I can push myself to it. And here they are below.

'Rise my minions. Rise! MWHAHAHA!'
And there you have it! And below a very slight preview as to what comes next in the project.......

Try and guess what it is going to be.

The local Cryptekh broods over the possibilities...
By for now. The next mini post should if all goes well be next week. Cheerio!
The Sarge At Arms!

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