Thursday, 28 March 2013

Across the bridge of something or other

Well here we are with another bunch of soldiers from middle-earth charging off the painting desk and ready for war. They are hardy, strong, loyal, brave and let us not forget their natural sprinting abilities. They are the dwarven warriors of middle-earth! These were actually one of the two boxes of lord of the rings miniatures that I first bought and they were painted three or more years ago now. And when I looked at them sitting on my shelf with an absolutely vulgar paint job (and I am not just putting myself down either!) and having just re-read my Kazadum source book I decided to repaint them using the Erebor paint scheme.
Along with them is something I made about midway last year but didn't paint-a dwarven bridge! But enough talking, here are the pictures.

Shields and hand axes.

Two handed axes.


The bridge.

 Well that's all from me for now. Next up I'm hoping too have either those rivendell elves I mentioned in the last post, some Rohan foot or preferably some WW2 German light vehicle support.

Sarge at Arms.


  1. Well painted and great photos- I really like the backdrop too.

  2. I like those dwarves !
    very good painting work!

    1. Yes they are pretty good. I am still disputing with myself whether I should get a few more dwarves to form more of an army or not.

  3. Nicely painted and the shots you got of them shows of those poses.

  4. Very neat paintwork and a good looking warband. Like how you've photographed them with the backdrop as well.

    I'd definitely add more ;-)

    1. Thanks. I do want to get some more, but as you may have guessed they are GW miniatures, and my budget at the moment is unfortunately nil. Though you never know what the future holds.